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Classic Manicure – This treatment consists of nail shaping, cuticle treatment, massage, and polish. $13

**Deluxe Manicure – This luxury spa treatment revitalizes the hands and relaxes the mind. After preparing th skin with a light exfoliation, the nail treatment begins. From there your hands are treated to a relaxing massage, followed by a warm paraffin treatment that leaves the skin with a youthful, radient glow. $22


Classic Pedicure – This treatment consists of nail shaping, cuticle treatment, massage, and polish. $25

Deluxe Pedicure – This pedicure combines elements from the sea to create a truly innovative line of foot care products that prduce instant results. Deluxe pedicure blends quartz crystals, sea salts, marine botanicals, beach sand, and other natural ingredients to exfoliate, nourish and smooth even the toughest skin. $38

**Citrus Pedicure – This is not a pedicure; it’s a totally pampering treatment for your feet & legs. Relax in the whirlpool footbath that includes slices of orange & lemon. You’ll be treated to luxurious foot and leg exfoliation followed by a paraffin wrap to seal in the moisture. $43

**Peppermint Pedicure – Our Cooling Peppermit Pedicure utilizes natural peppermint essential oil to deliver a brisk cooling sensation as rich emollients, exotic fruit extracts and nourishing butters work to smoot, hydrate, and refine tender toes. This everything peppermint treatment will ease your aching feet and soften your dry soles. $45

**Chocolate Pedicure – This treatment will give you baby smooth feet and some of the most insanely luxurious pampering a girl could want. After a light cleanse and exfoliationthis chocolate indulgence will help rid negative energy and heal the soul. A chocolate mask & paraffin dip will leave your feet ready for tonight when you get into those silk sheets! $45